1. What is To-Plan®?
The country of origin ofTo-Plan® is Japan. The pad comprises all-natural ingredients. It is an efficient, cost-effective and easy way to detoxify your body. To-Plan® is a patch which extracts toxins from your body. You use it by sticking it to the soles of your feet.To-Plan® is filled with wood vinegar and other natural ingredients which extract toxins – this method allows you to stay healthy.

2.What are toxins and how do they get into my body?
Body toxins are substances which are very dangerous to your health. Excessive quantity of vitamins and minerals, pollutants and uric acid are only a few out of the most common body toxins. Toxins may come from many different sources. The most frequent are air pollution, some harmful substances released during smoking and alcohol use, chemical substances in food as well as by-products of the body’s digestive system.

3. What is the distructive influence of toxins?
When toxins accumulate in your body, they affect your health. You may experience weakness, pains and aches, your immunity level might be significantly lowered resulting in sickness or disease. They also negatively influence your blood circulation, bring the feeling of lethargy and affect the action of your brain. Therefore, it is very important that body toxins are removed on a regular basis in order for you to stay healthy.

4. How can I remove toxins from my body?
Toxins can be removed from your body mainly through the excretory system (i.e. perspiration and urine). Still, in modern times our lifestyle does not allow us to remove toxins from our body efficiently and regularly. Even if we exercise frequently, our bodies still accumulate toxins which are dangerous to our health. Therefore, we need something to help us eliminate toxins.
To-Plan® is an efficient way to extract accumulated toxins. When used regularly,To-Plan® helps safely eliminate toxins from the body. The benefit of this procedure is improved blood circulation, which helps us enjoy life better, feeling more energetic and healthy.

5. Who needs to use To-Plan®?
All those who want to lead a healthy life-style in any age, from children to elderly people. Removing toxins from your body is crucial for your staying in good health.

6. What is To-Plan® composed of?
To-Plan®, being a completely natural pad, is composed of the following ingredients:
Wood/Bamboo Vinegar, Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica),- Dokudami (Houttuynia cordata), Vitamin C, Chitosan
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7. What are Far Infrared emissions?
Far infrared is a form of safe radiated energy which is produced by theTo-Plan® ingredients. When infrared energy penetrates your body, it warms the tissues and increases the blood circulation within the affected area. This helps it to heal and regenerate cells. It also stimulates the breakdown of water & waste molecules which are extracted from the body through transdermal osmosis.

8. What are Minus Ion emissions?
Generalny speaking, minus ions or negatively charged ions are atoms with an extra electron. Negative ions are formed naturally and we can find it in abundance near waterfalls and rainforests. For this reason we feel their soothing effect when we happen to be in the vicinity of these areas. Minus ion devices such as electronic ionizers have been known for a long time and its health benefits have been proven.

9. How does To-Plan® remove toxins from my body?
In the traditional oriental medicine the knowledge about meridians or acupuncture or acupressure points distributed on the whole body is largely used. Meridians play the role of channels which connect various parts and organs of the human body and are directly linked with the functioning of circulatory and lymphatic systems. It has been also proven that meridians are concentrated on feet. Proper stimulation of these points is beneficial, bringing relaxation and energy.
Meridians are stimulated through the combined action of wood vinegar, far infrared and minus ion emissions. It causes breakdown of water and waste molecules that frees blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic system. Blood can now flow freely and waste can enter the bloodstream so that it may eliminated.
The waste and other toxins are then transported by the lymphatic fluids for subsequent transdermal excretion. The pads collect and retain those fluids.
te płyny.

10. What are the benefits of detoxification by To-Plan®?
First and foremost, it is much improved blood circulation, the proper elimination of waste and free movement of the lymphatic fluids. This causes the feeling of vigor, easing of muscle and joint pains, improves immune system, and helps sleep better. Also, since toxins are withheld from accumulating in the body by regular extraction, the chances of sickness and disease are greatly reduced.

11. I heard that it can ease pains caused by gout and arthritis.
Is this true?
Yes. Many persons using To-Plan® stated that they felt relieved from their permanent pain from gout and arthritis, as well as rheumatism, after the very first time they appliedTo-Plan®

12. Can I use To-Plan® only on one foot?
Yes. Still, the efficiency will be lower than when applied to both feet. You may experience the feeling, after using the To-Plan® on one foot, that the leg with the To-Plan® is lighter than which wasn’t exposed to its action.

13. Is To-Plan® safe to use?
Yes, for the reason thatTo-Plan® is used externally.

14. Are there any side effects of To-Plan®?
No, unless you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

15. How often do I have to use To-Plan®?
To-Plan® należy używać przez 4-5 kolejnych nocy, przynajmniej raz w miesi±cu. We can keep the track of the colour of the pads after use. The colour of the pads becomes lighter after every use, so we may cease to use them when the discoloration of the pads becomes very insignificant. Then, we may apply the same treatment in a few weeks.
Of course, the amount of toxins we produce or intake also influence the frequency of our use of the pads. For example, if you drink alcohol, smoke, often consume high sodium foods, or in your workplace are exposed to pollutants, the amount of toxin may greater than what can be extracted at one time. In cases like these, we recommend to use To-Plan®s every day for a week every 2 weeks.

16. If I have a backache, can I stick To-Plan® on my back?
Yes. To-Plan® may be applied on other parts of the body for a local effect, such as lower back, back of the neck, shoulder blades, ankles and knees.
It is important to know that you cannot stick To-Plan® anywhere on the body and have it work. This area must have meridians that will react to wood vinegar. You will know it by seeing if there is any discoloration of the pad after use.

17. I tend to move a lot during my night sleep. Can To-Plan® fall off because of that?
Yes. We advise you to put socks on so that To-Plan® wouldn’t come off if you move during your sleep.

Purchasing Informtion

18.Where can I buy To-Plan®?
To-Plan® can be acquired in online stores.

19.How many pieces does one box of To-Plan®contain?
In one box of To-Plan® there are 10 sets. One set contains one To-Plan® and one adhesive.

20. Do I need to pay any membership contribution in order to buy To-Plan®?
No. To-Plan® may be bought without paying any membership contribution. We consider it ridiculous to require of customers to pay additionally for the right to buy any products.

21. I have encountered products similar to To-Plan®. Is there any difference between them?
They are somewhat alike since they all contain wood vinegar as the main active ingredient. Still, To-Plan® has a much better quality wood and bamboo vinegar.

22. Wiem, że s± dostępne koreańskie plastry z wyci±giem z grzybów Agaricus. Czy one różni± się od plastrów To-Plan®?
Absolutely. Although they have wood vinegar as their active ingredient, the Agaricus Mushroom extract is used to complement the content of much more expensive wood vinegar. Therefore, the efficiency of those pads with Agaricus Mushrooms is much lower than of the ones where only wood/bamboo vinegar is used.

23.Why are foot pads of other brands more expensive than
The higher price of other pads may result from the fact that they are sold through network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) systems. Therefore, several levels of commissions lift up the price. To-Plan® is sold by retail channels which eliminates this whole chain of agents and institutions with their mark-ups. The product is sold directly to consumers.

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